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The jail is at capacity

 FINDLAY, Ohio - officers in Hancock County responded to a call reporting that an AJ’s Heavenly Pizza delivery driver’s car had been stolen. After a vehicle chase through Findlay, officers found 32-year-old Christian Moreno, hiding. They say Moreno was non-compliant and resisted arrest. Although he was arrested and found to already have a charge with the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office, officers were advised to let him go because of a staffing shortage at the jail.

“The jail is at capacity. We have inmates in another jail. We are not able to take additional people at this point,” says Michael Heldman the Sheriff of Hancock County. “Our jail administrator has developed criteria that we are following. And it’s basically felony arrest are the ones we are taking. And the one last night unfortunately with the stolen car was not a felony.”

According to Heldman, the shortage has not only caused the jail to shut down a wing, but the county has also had to look to neighboring counties to house inmates.

“If we opened up that wing our staff would be working, everybody’s wood be working 16 hours a day,” says Heldman. “We do not have enough employees. We’re looking to hire people every day.”

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