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Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment

Recently I was sexually assaulted and sexually harassed by a corrections officers at the state prison at Frackville in East-Central Pennsylvania. Here's my story. I went to the prison infirmary to receive my medical treatment at about 7:45 in the evening. A guard known for his aggressive and overbearing ways, patted me down. He roughly slapped around on my upper body. Next he roughly started feeling up my left leg. At my groin he was feeling hard. I complained to him, "that's my balls!"

Sexual Harassment By Prison Staff

While I recognize sexual assault, I admit that I'm not exactly certain of what constitutes sexual harassment. I am, however, certain that during the past ten years as the nutty political conservatives have garnered their oppressive power, obsession with sex has become an abiding mania. What is more characteristic of the Republican philosophy that obsession with oppressing the poor, obsession with money and a fanatic obsession all things sexual; it's the Republican dictum, "I can screw you, but you can't screw anybody."