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Winnebago Jail Information

Name Booking Number Booking Date ABRONBELL, NANCY MARIE 2021-205010 10/16/2021 ADAMS, CARL NMN 2020-197703 10/19/2020 AGNEW, MITCHELL DONTA 2020-195185 7/16/2020


Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre Borallon Correctional Centre


Inside Kenya's 'worst' prison As a new government considers sweeping reforms to Kenya's much criticised justice system, BBC News Online's Gray Phombeah is allowed several hours within the walls of one of the country's most notorious jails.


Pul-e-Charkhi prison near KabulPul-e-Charkhi , also known as Afghan National Detention Facility, is the largest prison in AFghanistan, east of Kabul. Construction of the jail began in the 1970s by order of former president Mohammed Daoud Khan and was completed during the 1980s.  The prison has been renovated in recent years by the help of the United States Army Corps of Engineers. 


Abu Dhabi has two main prisons, which are operating at or above design capacity. Al Mafraq is a rehabilitative juvenile centre holding as many as 32 youths aged 13 to 19. Al Wathba prison was built in 1983 and has approximately 1,500 men and women. It is believed to be operating above capacity as at 2012.


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Prison Ship Martyrs Monument - Fort Greene - Brooklyn - New York

  The Prison Ship Martyrs Monument that stands today in the center of Fort Greene Park is a 1908 memorial to the 11,000 men, women and children who died in horrid conditions on the British Prison Ships during the Revolutionary War. The Monument, which is sometimes referred to as the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, stands in the center of what was then called Fort Putnam, named after Gernal Putnam. The Monument you see today is actually the third incarnation of this sacred shrine. The story of the horrid Prison Ships – and the ghastly conditions suffered by the men, women & children imprisoned on them during the Revolutionary War – is one of the most disturbing chapters in American history. During the American Revolutionary War, which began in 1775, the British arrested scores of soldiers, sailors, and private citizens on both land and sea. Many were imprisoned simply because they would not swear allegiance to the Crown of England. Besides American civilians and resist