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Prison Administrators Should Encourage Prisoners To Nurture Community Ties

In the federal prison system of early 2019, a huge disconnect exists between administrative platitudes and the policies by which prisoners must live. Often, those discrepancies hinder individuals who are striving to prepare for law-abiding lives upon release. Prison reforms could and should bring the expressed concern for rehabilitation into harmony with the rules that govern prison life. In so doing, such reforms would make a gigantic advancement toward lowering recidivism rates.

The Employees Of Corrections and Parole

At the order of the Commonwealth Court, this information will not be available until we have the approval of the Supreme Court. We have the complete listing of every employee of the Department of Corrections ("DOC") along with where they live and what they are paid. This is the official list required by Pennsylvania law, 72 PS 234, called section 614 of the Administrative Code of 1929. The law requires it to be "public information." It's very enlightening. We citizens can see who works (or at least who's paid) for us in the prison system, where they live and how much we pay them

The Pennsylvania Prisoner Locator

We in no way endorse or support anything about the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections ("DOC") or anything it does. We do, however, recognize that many persons are trying to find family members, loved ones and friends who have been lost in the deluge of prisoners.