Personal Items in the Federal Prison Camp

The bureau of prison has a list of items they allow and it applies to all federal prison camps. Your ID is a must. The best thing to do in my opinion is to call the institution which you have been assigned and ask for a list of item permitted and also those that are necessary.
The reason I say that is because each prison camp is under the control of a warden or a camp administrator and they have the final say in the matter with their own rules.

Prison camps are more lenient than actual prison, asking question is your best bet because I have seen inmates come into the camp with their personal watches and even their sneakers.

What about my wedding ring?

Yes, you can have your wedding ring but it has to be a plain band with no stones on it. Again, call the institution to be certain because rules change.

Important note:

Make sure you bring the items you want during check-in because once you are in, family members will be limited to what they can mail to you.

For example, I left my wedding ring behind to keep it from being lost or stolen. After a few weeks I decided that I would like to have it and inquired as to how I would get my ring. The camp counselor instructed me to fill out a form with detailed information on the specific item and submit the form for approval. After filling out the paper work I went back to the counselor to turn it in, to my surprise he tells me they discontinued the service. I took that as a sign from God to leave it home.

My comment:

When you self-surrender, there is a time in which they do paper work to get you checked in and they mail your street clothes back home as you trade them for a prison uniform.

This is the time when a staff member can inspect certain items you wish to have like a pair of sneakers, a religious medallion or your bible. Depending on the privileges at the moment and present attitude of the staff member you may get to keep all that you want or everything is sent home.

Remember to ask questions because they are not in the habit of volunteering information.

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on 31 Jul at 2:49 am1Howard O. Kieffer

Where is this list? I have never seen it on the Bureau’s website ( My experience is that each time you call, you’ll get a different answer. Perhaps the BOP staff is trained by the IRS?

Howard O. Kieffer

Federal Defense Associates

Santa Ana, California

714-836-6031 x 250

on 31 Jul at 3:18 am2Rickey

You are right, I could not find it on the BOP website either.

I had to call the federal prison camp in which I was to self surrender for a list.

Somehow I have misplaced it over the years. I will post it once I find it again.

on 10 Aug at 6:47 pm3sandra choron

With whom do I communicate regarding permission to reprint information from your website in a book?

Many thanks,

Harry Choron


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