Inmates in the Federal Prison Camp

Inmates in a federal prison camp come from all walks of life, men who come from different races and ethnic cultures, men from all 50 states, and men who are sons, fathers and grandfathers.

They also come from every profession and skilled trade known, whether a truck driver, business owner, factory worker, accountant, defense lawyer and pastors, all men trying to earn a living for their families

The large majority of inmates whether drug related or white collar crime are innocent but most are victims of conspiracy, intimidation, threats to incarcerate family members and prejudice, all backed by no law or truth.

It grieves me to see so many families hurt and separated because of a failing justice system and the need to fill the prison for job security and meet prison quotas to stay open. How sad that we are now a nation who incarcerates more of our people than any other nation.

Inmates are no different than other men in our society. They still make friends, share meals together, help each other in time of need, play many team sports together, follow some religion and still want the American dream.

Yes, there are a handful of guys that deserve to be incarcerated but in a federal prison camp it’s a small minority.

Most of the men in a prison camp have families and they count the days of their release in order to provide for their families again. I know this to be a fact by all the families who visits and by all the pictures on every inmate’s locker. The strength of their family keeps them going and hope is there encouragement.

[...] a Native American Indian and now a former federal prison camp inmate it saddens me and my heart grieves to see this great land and nation founded on the principles of [...]
on 19 Aug at 9:16 pm2scott

Who goes to federal camps and who goes to minimum federal prison?
on 20 Aug at 1:05 am3Rickey

Good question, I have not done any research on this subject but based on my observation of being incarcerated for 2 years I have noticed that most all white collar crimes are placed in a camp. Others consisted of first time offenders of misdemeanor crimes such as violating probation, minimal possesion of drugs, and conspiracy (involved in a crime with others).
With the unfair justice system and guidlines so screwed up these days it’s really hard to pin point because it’s basically decided by the judges, prosecutors and BOP prison population as to which an inmates will serve in, camp or minimum.
on 15 Feb at 4:17 am4Eddie

It really depends on your background and the nature of your crime. The Feds go by a sentencing guideline. Levels 1 through 6 crimenal background and offense level, which goes from 1 to 43. If you have to serve more than ten years, you will not start at a camp. Violent background? No camp. Sex crime? No camp. If you ever failed to show up for court the feds look at this as an escape attempt. No camp. But on the bright side….once you get to prison, stay out of trouble and keep yourself busy with programs and you may make camp within the first year to eighteen months.
on 15 Feb at 4:36 am5Rickey

Eddie, Thanks for clarifying and sharing more details on federal prison camps, very much appreciated.
on 03 Feb at 1:02 am6Rich

Eddie makes some good points. Other things that determine a Camp versus a low or minium. Your age, over 50 reduces your points, did you help in your investigation or fight the feds also called acceptance of responsibility. What was the crime you committed and what is your past backround or history regarding crime. Prior to being sentenanced it cannot hurt to ask the Judge for Camp status and even a location.
on 27 Aug at 10:18 pm7kenny

I was found with child pornography on my computer. Of course you hear that everyone is innocent but I truley wasn’t aware of it being on there. I’m looking at 4 years in Federal at least. Can I expect a camp?
on 29 Aug at 5:44 pm8Rickey

Probably not, most likely a low or medium security prison. It has a lot to do with the severity of the case and the judge.


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