First Day in the Federal Prison Camp

The first day in a prison camp is no different than going to a new school, attending college, joining the military or your first day at work. Everything is new, the people, landscape, building layout, and the atmosphere.

Being the new person is a little strange because every one stares at you. That quickly changes as some of the inmates around your bunk area begin to introduce themselves to you. The introduction is usually brief to start but later they get around to talking more about who you are and where you are from.

The inmates are pretty understanding because they know how you feel and what you been through. It’s like being adopted into a large family, nothing of what I expected when I got there. But like family there are times when not everyone likes each other. So it’s best not to say too much because gossip is alive and well in a prison camp

Make sure you read all about the rules and regulations given to you about the camp. Take a tour of the prison camp and get familiar with the layout and boundaries. Know where things are like the library, chapel, recreation area, class rooms, cafeteria, restrooms, laundry and ask the other inmates about times and schedules of camp activities and procedures.

Be cautious at first to the information you get from other inmates. Just listen, observe, and verify information with other inmates. In a short period of time you will know who is trustworthy and who is not.

on 09 Aug at 4:03 am1Facts of a Federal Prison Camp Inmate - Articles Diary

[...] resentment, bitterness and unforgiveness were the most concentrated of emotions and the federal prison camp inmate was basically the same everyday. Blame to others who told on them and acted against them in court. [...]
on 07 Mar at 5:13 am2tallie

is there anyone out there who knows the details about taft federal prison camp in taft, california?
on 07 Mar at 6:43 pm3Rickey

I suggest you call the Taft federal prison camp and ask questions.
Questions like, How many inmates? Is it part of a military base or next to a high security prison?
Also keep in mind that if you are the one being incarcerated, they may be a little rude or authoritative in there answers so have a family member to call and ask, trust me they will be more polite and helpful to them in their answers.


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