Correctional Officer in the Federal Prison Camp

There are some correctional officers who are good and will treat you with some respect and others who are just plain mean, treating you like dirt. You quickly learn from the other inmates which officers to be watchful of and the ones who will leave you alone.

Few of them care about you and what you are going through. The others can care less about you. You are just another body that keeps the prison open, and all they care about is their job and their paycheck.

If you challenge their authority in any way, expect trouble - lost privileges or even get yourself put into a cell. Remember also that they are in a negative environment, and their negative attitude may be a result of it.

The best thing to do is just follow the rules and obey what they tell you to do, even if they ask you to do something that is not your job. Believe me, they will leave you alone after a while and give you a good report.

Important note: because the prison camp I was in was next to a high security prison. I noticed a big difference in the officers and their jobs.

In a prison camp, the officers know that inmates have to be on their best behavior. If an inmate even raises their voice to an officer, they can be subject to disciplinary actions or put behind bars. Camp inmates know that breaking the rules can mean being removed from the relative freedom of the Camp and being put in a more secure prison behind bars.

So the officers in the camp have very little to fear from the Prison Camp inmates. But in the high security prison, it is just the opposite. The roles are reversed, and officers have to be cautious and alert to danger of attack.


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