Sleeping in the Federal Prison Camp

How can someone sleep with all those people around? Simple, you adapt and get used to it and before you know it, you are sleeping like a baby.

I remember the first night in a strange place with 90 or so other inmates going to bed after lights out. I would wake up to every little sound and believe me there are a lot of noises with that many people. Actually I was more concerned about falling out of bed because I was in a top bunk five feet off the ground and the bed was only 30 inches wide but Praise God it never happened.

Eventually I got used to all the noises and various light distractions. The one thing that took getting use to was the snoring, funny but some nights the sound of all the snoring resembled a smooth running engine making it easy to fall asleep. Then again some nights the snoring from one man echoed throughout the dormitory and sleeping was a little tough.

Inmates were also inventive by moving to certain locations where noise was minimal like the corners of the building, away from the TV areas and bathrooms. Those with bottom bunks used the top bunks to there advantage by hanging a blanket or clothes to give more privacy which muffled noise and filtered out lights.

There was also plenty of time to sleep. You would always find someone sleeping, sometimes there was nothing to do but sleep and some slept all weekend because they were catching up from the weekly work detail or they stayed up all night watching TV and talking to other inmates. Some men would stay up most of the night to only sleep during the day because of there work schedules.

Bottom line, getting plenty of rest sleeping was no problem. Even the correctional officers didn’t mind because as long as people were sleeping they would not be causing trouble and they knew where you were making there job easier.

4 Comments to “Sleeping in the Federal Prison Camp”
on 11 May at 8:40 am1Jr

When you said, “they stayed up all night watching TV and talking to other inmates”. So, you don’t really have a bed time?
on 11 May at 4:34 pm2Rickey

That’s correct, even though lights went out at 10:30, inmates actually went to bed when they wanted. I quest a better way of putting it is that bedtime was not really enforced but when it came to count time at 1:00 and 5:00 in the morning, inmates were to be at their bed or sitting near it, that was enforced. Usually by midnight everyone was asleep except for the occasional night owl that was doing laundry.
on 14 May at 9:22 pm3Jr

Oh I see. Also, what is the difference between a camp and a military base? which one is better or are they the same thing?

Thank Jr.
on 14 May at 9:31 pm4Rickey

I was never in a military base but all the inmates that commented on it says that it’s about the same. Actually some of the prison camps in the US are on and near military bases where the inmates help out. I heard numerous comments that a camp serving the military is one of the best to serve time in.


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