Profanity in a Federal Prison Camp

In my opinion, profanity has got to be one ot the most ugly and dirtiest thing in a federal prison camp. I thank and praise God that He shielded my mind and speech from such filth.

Profanity is as common as everyday speaking to some without any regard to proper language. Most inmates just chose to talk that way. I know this because when a camp officer or administrator is around their words quickly become a polite English language. Then like a light switch, when all is clear, they resort back to the same foul words that dirty their mouth and minds. How sad.

Then there are those who use profanity as a destructive force on other people’s feelings. I remember an incident during a baseball game where the official made a call that the captain of the team did not like. The words coming from his mouth were out-right blasphemy and cursing in anger. It was so unsettling to hear that I just got up from my seat and left the game.

The inmates were not the only ones using profanity. The so-called correctional officers, not all but some who suppose to be setting a good example to the inmates, were just as bad. They would use profanity to show their authority and instill fear in the inmates. Again, how sad.

Whether you are in prison or out in the community, profanity is still a choice. It just seems to be more concentrated in prison because of the anger and resentment in some people’s life.


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