Medical Service in a Federal Prison Camp, Part 4

Stat! I am sure everyone knows or heard that word before in a medical TV show, it means immediately. Well I’m hear to tell you, when there is a near death experience by an inmate in the federal prison camp the medical staff and others move with quickness.

Here is a true story I saw first hand. There was an inmate who worked at the garage with me and one day he just started walking around in circles and became disoriented. Other inmates and I help him to sit down while other called for the correctional officer in charge. His eyes were glassy and there was no response to questioning from us or the officer.

The officer radioed the medical staff that he was on his way to the infirmary with a sick inmate. Upon arriving as the officer and another inmate escorted the sick inmate to the infirmary he passed out. Calling for other inmates to help they manage to get him into the infirmary bed. Inmates helping were then told to clear out.

Within 5 to 10 minutes there were five people tending to this inmate, one medical personnel, camp administrator, camp secretary and two officers. They were trying everything to revive this man and after the circus of people darting in and out of the infirmary and phone calls he finally woke up but still glassy eyed and disoriented. The ambulance quickly arrived and they took him to the local hospital for overnight observation.

Throughout the incident, inmates were not allowed to help but they did because next door to the infirmary was the chapel and a few inmates were in the chapel praying the whole time, praise God.

The inmate finally came back the next day and we found out that he was just suffering from a case of low blood sugar because of not eating well.

The medical staff moves quickly, keep accurate records and monitors inmates very well who have serious illness like a heart condition to high blood pressure. In other words they really do not want you to die in there custody, looks bad on the resume of the BOP.


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