Medical Service in a Federal Prison Camp, Part 5

My opinion is that if you are to be incarcerated and you have time before you self-surrender. I recommend you get a complete physical before going in by your personal or family doctor and if possible have a copy of those medical records with you when you check in.

I say that because medical records get lost, for example the medical staff at the prison camp wanted to give me a second tetanus shot after a few months because they had no record of giving me one earlier, go figure.

I would also see a dentist for a routine cleaning and checkup because you remember in part one of this medical series I mention that the dentist scheduled me for a teeth cleaning. Well that appointment came almost two years later, a month before I was to be released, so I declined. On another note there was a man who waited almost an entire year for his false teeth. I consider that cruel for a man to eat with only his gums.

Basically you do not want to get sick in a federal prison camp. So do everything humanly possible to stay healthy. Purchase some multi-vitamins to help keep your immune system strong especially in the winter months. Also get some over the counter medicine for those times when you need to nurse yourself back to health. Remember that you are in a close environment with other inmates so exercise the basics like washing your hands before eating and good hygiene.

Fruits and vegetables are plentiful so maintain a good diet. There is a lot of junk food to purchase in the commissary but use some restraint and snack moderately.

One benefit of getting sick is that inmates do help each other out because they know the hassle and reputation of the medical services. I have seen inmates give up there bottom bunks for another inmate who had a hurt foot, inmates bringing food from the cafeteria to those who are sick in bed. Good Samaritans are also in the prison camp.

In conclusion of this series, eat well and maintain a good balanced diet, exercise a little everyday by at lease walking, always get a good night sleep and maintain cleanliness because preventative medicine is the best medicine in a federal prison camp.

4 Comments to “Medical Service in a Federal Prison Camp, Part 5”
on 23 Jun at 3:20 pm1Arnelle A. Jones

Well I would like to thank you for your openness. You have helped me alot with my news paper article-Health Issues that Prisons Face/Neglect. If you could please email me I would love it.
on 24 Jun at 12:48 am2Rickey

Thank you and I’m glad that my posting were of some use.
on 15 Aug at 7:38 pm3Ed

I need a cane most of the time to walk because of back, spine, nerve and leg problems so the question is how do they handle needing of a cane and is allowed as I do not want to be falling all over the place when my body gives out and I am almost 68 years old?
on 16 Aug at 4:20 am4Rickey

Yes, I’m sure they will allow it because it’s a medical need and I have seen inmates use both crutches and a cane for them to get around.


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