Gambling in the Federal Prison Camp

Men who like to gamble will always find a way to do it and the federal prison system is no deterrent to that way of life or habit. Although gambling is forbidden and stopped when it’s really obvious or when it gets out of hand. The fact remains, inmates will always create or find a way to do it and do it secretly.

The games in which the inmates play are pretty much the same as in the free world, no difference except for the stakes and how payments are made. Poker, dice and sports events betting are still among the favorites.

Settling gambling debt is usually done by items of money value from the commissary or stamps but I have seen on some occasions where payments were settled in cash. What’s funny to see is when there’s a big winner and very obvious because there is usually a load of commissary goods piled on some ones bed.

You may be thinking at this point, what happens when an inmate does not pay? Well I will leave that one to your imagination but I will say this. Inmates who failed to pay their debt are forbidden to play again and they are labeled as someone who can not be trusted and his words mean nothing. This may not seem like much in the outside world but in federal prison it’s vital for favors and assistance.

Basically, gambling is no different if you are in prison or out. The excitement of playing, the adrenaline rush of victory and the consequences of losing are still the same. The risk is still who you are playing with and abiding by the rules.


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