Fighting in the Federal Prison Camp

There is a zero tolerance policy for fighting in a federal prison camp. People caught fighting are immediately removed from the camp and both are put behind bars called the hole for investigation. Then one or both parties involved lose their camp privileges and usually placed in a low or medium security prison depending on the nature of violence.

Notice that I said caught fighting. The inmates know of the seriousness and consequences of fighting in camp. I have personally witness one fight, heard of others and seen busted lips from those involved in which no disciplinary action was taken. This is because of two reasons.

First, if a fight breaks out in a sort of secluded area or when a correctional officer is not present inmates will keep an eye out for where the officer is and will alert everyone when he or she is coming around. When alerted the fight usually stops and everyone scatters with no word and hopefully no one will report the incident, they got lucky.

The other is when two people hate each other or have some issues regarding something, who knows, and they exchange words and insults until they agree to settle it man to man. This is a scheduled fight event that both parties agreed to but they don’t want the camp administration to know. Therefore a time is set, a secluded location found but this is very discrete among the inmates because of certain people who would inform the officers. The fight then takes place while lookouts watch and the matter is resolved.

So if you ever wondered about fights in a federal prison now you know the facts. They do occur and dealt with severely by the BOP camp administration when inmates are caught.


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