Currency in a Federal Prison Camp

Currency is defined as money in circulation. We always associate money as being the Federal Reserve note or more commonly called the dollar. This form of money is not allowed in camp by the BOP and any inmate caught with it is questioned and investigated. So what kind of currency is being used in place of the dollar among federal prison camp inmates.

The new currency is postage stamps. Yes, you read correctly, the simple 41 cent stamp has become the money of circulation. It is used in purchasing food and other items, settling gambling debts, and payment for services.

Stamps are purchased in the commissary from 1 cent to 1 dollar but there is usually a limit on how much you can buy per week or month. In other words the BOP knows about the stamp currency and controls it with sales. So free enterprise is still alive and well in a federal prison camp and the primary currency is now provided by the United States Postal Service.


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