Weekends in the Federal Prison Camp

Weekends are one of the most boring times in a federal prison camp and at the same time it can be one of the most exciting because of visitation.

During a five day week an inmates work detail keeps him occupied and the evening is a time to just rest for the next day so the time passes quickly. When the weekend comes there is nothing to do but hang around the camp and find something to past the time.

Some inmates choose to sleep the entire 2 days while others use the time to catch up on their reading and writing. A lot of the inmates wash clothing and those with hobbies are working on finishing that special projects or items to send home to family. Other past times were playing cards, board games and watching TV for hours.

One of the interesting things that inmates did for long three day weekends was engage in friendly tournaments of all kinds. These tournaments were also encouraged by the recreation department by supplying rewards to the winners by the means of commissary goods.

The games involved for these events were usually card games like spades, dominos, volleyball teams, ping pong matches, foot races and many other inventive games to bring interest.

The problem with games and tournaments is that eventually they got just as boring after a number of weekends. The most rewarding pastime for inmates was writing to family, reading and studying new literature and getting a hobby.

The key to surviving long boring weekends was to either have regular visitors if possible or finding something that would keep you interested for long periods of time.

I my case I took advantage of writing a lot of letters to my wife, studying God’s word, reading books and doing artwork as a hobby. For me the weekends were a time to better myself in anyway possible for when I was released. Basically it’s what you make of it.


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