Visitation in a Federal Prison Camp, Part 1, The Inmate

Visitation from a wife, a family member or a friend is one of the inmate’s most favorite and welcomed time during a weekend and especially holidays.

It is very obvious by the excitement in most inmates when they are going to receive a visit. The sign of boots being polished and ironing of clothes is a sure bet that they are expecting someone the next day. Even the morning of the visit, inmates wake up early and begin their ritual grooming, dressed in clean pressed clothes, neatly shaven and wearing cologne.

With the inmates all ready, they patiently wait for the sight of a familiar vehicle. As family arrives, inmates make their way to the visiting area.

Before going to visit their family, inmates go through an area where they are checked. Depending upon the correctional officer on duty and the frequency of your visits determine how much they check you. First let me just say that federal prison camps are a bid more relaxed than inmates behind a fence.

At times inmates are just quickly padded down and there are times when they are completely searched by remove all their clothes except for boxers. The officer then marks down on a form your name and items you have like a comb or watch and with your signature to complete the process, only then can they enter into the visitation area.


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