Visitation in a Federal Prison Camp, Part 2, The Visitor

People who come to visit loved ones in a federal prison camp must also adhere to certain guidelines. They must first be approved by the BOP and camp administration, this occurs in two different ways.

First let us look at the immediate family members, such as the spouse, children, parents and siblings. They are listed on the inmates PSI which is a pre-sentencing report that is filled out during or after an inmate’s trial. The PSI is where the inmate has listed all his close family members and they are automatically approved to visit because this report remains with the inmate through out his time in the BOP.

The other way applies to friends and others who wish to visit. A BOP visitors form is sent to the person by the inmate and must be filled out and mailed back to the institution for approval. This process moves fairly quick and once approved the camp administration adds the new person to the list of approved visitors.

Now, let’s talk a little about the visitors rules. Men’s dress code is very flexible and casual. They were only allowed to take with them the basic items like their wallets, sunglasses, and car keys.

Women on the other hand were on a stricter guideline. The dress code had to be more on the reserve and modest side such as long skirts, no tank tops or clothing revealing their breast and shoulders. The women’s purses had to be a see through bag so the officers could see the items. Otherwise they would make you leave it in the car.

Basically it was pretty much the officer in charge of the visitation area who would judge if certain outfits were acceptable (man or woman) and sometimes they didn’t care.

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on 13 Aug  at 5:05 am1lawschoolinmate

Any thoughts on the prison rules that affect visitors and whether you think them fair or unfair?

on 13 Aug  at 6:26 pm2Rickey

My wife and I considered the visitation rules to be very fair for a federal prison camp.

Inmates who did complain were usually the one having a bad visit or they were doing something illegal like sneeking in contraband and they got caught.

on 09 Nov  at 3:03 am3ashton

hey rickey so i was just wondering if your family could bring you stuff during visitation like food? also i was wondering if they would let my daughter sit in my lap. and how long do u get to visit with your family? thank you

on 10 Nov  at 2:50 am4Rickey


Visitors can not bring anything to the inmates, not even food. However, there are some people who do seek things in but that is a risk they take and there are consequences if caught.

I have seen many inmates hold there children and yes even sitting on their laps. If something is not allowed the officer on duty will warn you not to do it again. Please remember that I am responding in regards to prison camp visitation.

You can visit from the time they open till they close visitation. There have been some instances when it’s crowded and ask inmates to be courteous of others but those are rare occasions.


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