Visitation in a Federal Prison Camp, Part 3, The Visit

Once the inmate has been cleared and the guest visitor is approved they can now visit in the area designated. This area is a large open room with plenty of seating, vending machines, and no privacy from others, it was like being in a hospital waiting room with all the noise of talking around you. Fortunately the camp I was in had an outdoor area attached with park like tables, benches, and umbrellas which made it very nice during spring and fall.

The officer checking people in would also be the one monitoring everyone’s conduct in the area. If the officer considers conduct to be inappropriate such as loud profanity, things of a sexual nature or signs of passing contraband then the officer would act with words of warning or terminating the visit.

Married and dating couples are allowed to hold hangs, hug one other, and kiss but they are closely watched because of sexual urges that sometimes get out of hand. Again, a firm warning from the officer would be given for minor incidents to canceling the visit. There was an actual case while I was there where an inmate’s sexual misconduct was so severe that he lost his camp status, very embarrassing for the couple. Rest rooms for men, women, and inmates were also designed to further avoid sexual and contraband misconduct.

The visitation is also a great time and place to meet the other inmate’s family members. This is very rewarding to the inmates because it brings closeness in two different ways. First, the inmates now share in something new to talk about with new respect and trust for each other, it’s a male bonding time. Second is the visitors, they get to talk with someone who is supportive and understands exactly what they are dealing with emotionally.

Time visiting is usually spent talking, playing games or catching up with news about family, business, and hearing about community events.

Visitation also brings out the gentleman in an inmate because they are very considerate of the others personal time with family. I even saw and witness family closeness at its’ finest as peace fills the area with family love. Inmates may be incarcerated but there is one thing that the BOP can not take from him and that’s his love for family. Very motivating, it brings great strength to each inmate and the endurance to go on. Praise God for love.

8 Comments to “Visitation in a Federal Prison Camp, Part 3, The Visit”
on 07 Jan at 4:17 pm1sandy

can an inmate receive visitations every day?
on 07 Jan at 9:47 pm2Rickey

No, visitation is only allowed on weekends and holidays.
on 29 Jun at 4:05 pm3Dave

Are conjugal visits allowed?
on 06 Jul at 12:53 am4Rickey

No, but there are times for furloughs of 12 hrs (1 day) and 3 days.
on 11 Jul at 4:19 pm5Jennifer

Thank you so much for this website, it has been so helpful. My fiance will be self surrendering on Friday to the camp at Lompoc. This is the first I have heard of furloughs. How do inmates get furlough days and how often?
on 11 Jul at 6:47 pm6Rickey

Inmates usually get a furlough after 1 year of incarceration but this may vary with time of sentence and camp administration policy.
Furloughs need to be applied for or requested by the inmate because it will not be suggested.
How often will also depend on the camp administration but it’s usually 3 to 6 months after the first one.
on 06 Dec at 9:08 pm7MEME

Are furloughs only granted when transferring from one camp to another or can it be granted and after the 24 hours or 3 days the inmate returns to the same prison camp?
on 08 Dec at 1:55 am8Rickey

No to the first part of your question, furloughs and transfers are two different things.
Yes to the second part, after the furlough is over the inmates returns back to the same camp.
Furloughs are first 12 hours (not 24) and the second is 3 days but only in the camps that still allow furloughs.


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