Tattoos in a Federal Prison Camp

One of the things that a federal prison camp is never in short supply of is inmates with tattoos, ranging from very detailed works of art to some unusually tactful images.

Personally I do not have tattoos and fail to see the attraction why people would have something permanently marked on their body especially when it’s something of poor taste.

Still, tattoos are a big business in the prison and a prison camp is no different. Men still want them and plan to get them when they get out which I heard numerous conversations about. There were even magazines that inmates subscribed to in order to keep up with the latest trends.

Remember that drawing is one of the pastimes in prison and giving or receiving a tattoo is one of the ways of expressing someone’s talent. Some inmates actually work and meditate on their new designs they want which I thought was good thinking since it was going to be on their body for life.

What about the inmates who come out of prison with tattoos? Yes, you are right, there are times when some men get impatient and want tattoos now for unknown reasons. I am here to tell you that inmates are resourceful and very inventive because they find a way. It may be unsanitary but that does not stop them and I have come to believe that it’s the thrill and rush of getting a tattoo in prison by defying the rules which appeals to them.

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on 19 Jul at 12:22 am1lawschoolinmate

Perhaps you can explain to me the lack of aversion to STDs. Hepatitis in particular is known to travel through needle usage in prison. Does that just not factor into the thinking or is it that inmates in general are less risk-averse than the average population?
on 19 Jul 2008 at 6:33 pm2Rickey

You bring up a valid point. Yes, it is very much a grounds for caution and the inmates are aware of the risk but they do it anyway without considering the possible outcome. It’s funny because when someone is about to get a tattoo, inmates go around looking and asking for alcohol swab packets that come from medical services, so they do take some precaution.
on 24 Jul at 2:31 am3lawschoolinmate

That’s really interesting re looking for alcohol swab packets. I know prisons put up posters against tattooing, citing STDs as a likely consequence–the desired outcome being a decrease in tattooing. I guess inmates have figured out a way to have their cake and eat it too. I have to smile at the ingenuity.
on 24 Jul at 5:33 pm4Rickey

Ingenuity, now that is a great word benefiting inmates.
I will have to make a point of posting a series on how inventive inmates really are, thanks.


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