Showers, Restrooms and Toiletries in the Federal Prison Camp

Among the clothing provided as I mention in an earlier post. Basic toiletries were also provided, items such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, comb, soap, shampoo, cheap razors, shower shoes, toilet paper, washing detergent and towels along with bed linens.

These items however were off brand and generic to say the least. Thank God for the commissary. The commissary provided name brand toothpaste, quality toothbrushes and razors, an assortment of shampoos and deodorant soaps. Hair and other body products were also available. Inmates maintaining proper hygiene was not a problem, in fact inmates who didn’t follow proper hygiene would find toiletries on their beds as a reminder from the other inmates.

The federal prison camp I was in had private showers and restrooms facilities. Showers and restroom were always cleaned during the week except for the weekends they would begin to look like some gas station facilities with spit and pieces of toilet paper on the floor.

Remember the shower shoes I mentioned, they are a must in the showers and restroom facilities. Fact is shoes were always worn by the inmates from the moment you stepped out of bed to the time you turn in at night.

Toilet seats were always layered with toilet paper before each use and some inmates would actual have spray bottles of a diluted simple green cleaning solution to clean them before each use. Excessive flushing was also common to minimize the odor.

Now with all those inmates and a limited amount of toilet seats and showers waiting your turn presented a problem. With that said it was just a matter of observing times when they were used the least. That meant waking up a little earlier to shave and use the toilet. It also meant taking a shower early or later after the hot water had been replenished.

Bottom line, I was actually surprised by the prison camp and how clean it was and how the inmates took pride in themselves on cleanliness and holding others accountable to keep it clean.

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on 15 Jul at 6:34 pm1Becky

What about haircuts? You stated earlier that you were not sure about the womens setup but were you able to get a regular haircut? Also, are blowdryers allowed or available? I have LONG hair and some of my family members are pushing for me to get a cut thats easy to maintain. Do you think they are right? With everything else, I really hate to cut my hair!
on 16 Jul at 1:07 am2Rickey

Yes, the mens facility I was in actually had a barber shop and a few inmates who knew how to cut hair. Funny you should ask about a hair dryer, I use to dry my hair with the hand dryer next to the lavatories but to answer your question, no, hair dryers were not available.
Now in regards to getting your hair cut I have to agree with your friends and family. Get a hair cut that is easy to maintain and while your hair is growing back you will have a better understanding of products available in the commissary and a chance to observe how the other ladies maintain their hair.
on 16 Jul at 1:46 am3Rickey

One more thing, haircuts in the prison camps may require some cost. What I mean is that a hair cut may cost you a few dollars of commissary goods to the one cutting your hair. Inmates are always lookig for ways to make extra money or to barter with.


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