Rats in the Federal Prison Camp

Today I want to warn you of something you need to be aware of in the federal prison camp and that’s rats. I don’t mean the four legged kind even though there are a few of those as well but I am talking about the two legged kind.

Basically a rat is someone who tells on someone else to benefit their own agenda or comfort. They are the one’s who speaks or testify against a friend, a coworker or just looks for opportunity to inform the authorities for their own gain and shorter sentence. Sad, but this rat or rats is alive and well in every prison camp. The camp is sort of a protection for them because this person would not survive long in the high security prisons.

How do you spot these rats? Rats are usually the ones who have a comfortable work detail that is closely related to the camp administration. They will also be the one who receives special favors in the form of extra privileges. They are the ones who will try to make friends with you in the first few weeks of incarceration. He can also be spotted easily by watching how other inmates associate with him because the inmates who have been there a while will already know who he is and the word gets around.

This rat will also be the one who is friendly with the camp administrator and other correctional officers because they rely on this rat to inform them of things going on in the camp. This rat can also be spotted when he is in an area that is not associated with his work detail but visiting, very obvious at times, especially when the camp administrator is near by. Be cautious because they may try to recruit you as well.

In the first month or so of your incarceration, keep to yourself as much as possible. I say that because the inmates are watching you to see if you are one of these rats. Be careful how you write things down for personal use because the inmates may interpret that as notes about them.

Now there are some rats that are more deceiving than others and more cunning but at some point they are still exposed. Your best gage to spot rats in the federal prison camp is the inmates. Without being obvious just keep to yourself and observe who the inmates are staying away from. Eventually you will make friends you can trust and it will be easier to spot these rats because you have more eyes to watch.


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