Fourth of July in a Federal Prison Camp

Do inmates get a chance to celebrate the Fourth of July? The answer is yes they do.

Like most Americans who gather family members and friends for a cook out at a local park and a time of games and other sport activities. Inmates in the federal prison camp do the same as the smell of charcoals burning brings fond memories with family.

The food service personnel have been very cooperative with the help of the inmates to prepare a wonderful holiday meal with grilled burgers, hotdogs and steak with all the trimmings of potato salad, baked beans, baked potato’s, coleslaw, pies, cakes and bread. It has become one of the meals inmates expect every year.

A Baseball tournament is one of the highlights that the inmates enjoy during this day of independence and usually everybody participates as players or game enjoying spectators. By the end of the day inmates are satisfied with a great meal and the fun of watching America’s favorite traditional pastime games.

When evening comes inmates huddle around the television to watch the institutionally selected movie of patriotism while others make phone calls to their loved ones and also write letters.

Basically the fourth of July holiday is a peaceful day and every inmate reflects on the freedom that our country was founded upon by sharing a good time the best way they can.

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on 07 Jul at 11:04 pm1teresa silcox

My husband and I run an exhibition dragbike he is a convicted felon and would like to know who we need to contact to see about displaying the bike for the inmates he learned how to fabricate and weld in the system and would like to show the guys if they work at it when they get out they can still be productive to there familys there selfs and society thankyou for your time teresa silcox. Email add 2Rickey

I share you and your husbands interest in wanting to help other inmates.
Presently I do not have any type of contact to help you with. What I do know is that you have to be approved by the BOP in order to volunteer time and educational services. My goal is to also do the same by helping inmates but presently I still have a few months probation left.
Here is the course of action I will be taking later. I will contact someone who is already approved by the BOP and ask them question about paperwork to fill out.
Let me know if you find out anything and I will do the same, God bless.


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