Writing in the Federal prison camp

One of the things that really past the time was to take pen and paper in hand and start writing. Writing letters is very important for a number of reasons and here are a few.

First of all, it gives the inmate or writer a mental escape by imagining their conversation with the other person. For example, I remember one night when I wrote 40 pages to my wife. I was so caught up in an imaginative state that I really thought she was next to me listening. The wonderful thing about this time was how great I felt the next day. My thoughts were not about the place I was in but on my wife and the conversation I had with her in my writings.

Another aspect of writing is the way it occupies a lot of time that is usually reserved for boredom. I say that because usually everyone thinks that writing takes a lot of time but that is precisely the point. In taking time to write helps you focus on bettering yourself and not fall trap to the time of incarceration. Believe me, there are a lot of traps like bitterness, laziness and depression that is waiting to grab hold of an inmate but writing keeps your thoughts fresh and mind alert.

Writing is also therapeutic, by putting down your thoughts and frustration on paper helps in keeping your mind clear and focused. This form of writing is basically called journaling, writing down what took place in your day and what you learned. Writing down your frustration, hurts and concerns frees your mind from that emotional garbage. It’s just like talking with someone, let your pen and paper be your sounding board. This is also a time to set goals for when you get out, plan out on paper what you want to accomplish and begin those new practices while still in prison.

Now here is one of the benefits of writing to someone. Mail call is the highlight of every inmate’s day. Receiving letters from loved ones really lifts an inmate’s spirits and is a reminder that someone cares. Writing to and getting a letter from someone brings a different atmosphere to the life of an inmate in prison. It brings a purpose, a drive to go on and most of all it brings hope.

So learn to write, it does make a difference. If you are not accustomed to writing then begin with small letters of one to two pages. When you see and realize the benefits, motivation will come to write more and inspiration will be from the letters you receive. Remember, prison is what you make of it, make the time a productive one, write.


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