Tithing in the Federal Prison Camp

Being able to tithe is very important to some inmates who come from a church background. In continuing with the biblical principles of tithing, inmates have come up with a couple of great ideas with the little compensation they do receive from serving on a work detail.

One form of tithing is to purchase something in the commissary that the inmates home church may need on a regular basis. The most common is stamps because they can easily be mailed to the church and provide a great service to the church’s mailing needs.

The other way of tithing is done within the prison camp itself. This was organized by men having an internal church which was lead by the inmates. Yes, the prison administration did allow it and it was supported by the use of the chapel and musical instruments provided. The tithing and offering consisted of inmates buying items such as shower shoes, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, lotion, etc. and create a sort of toiletry care package to give new inmates who arrive at the camp.

The toiletry care package also sparked the generosity of others and it became a federal prison camp ministry. This ministry is greatly appreciated by all the inmates and welcomed because of the lack of funds when coming in.

Praise God! Tithing and giving is alive and well even in the prison system.


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