Suspicion in the Federal Prison Camp

Inmates in the federal prison camps are surrounded by many emotions and the majority of them are of a negative nature. One of those uncomfortable feelings that I quickly notice was suspicion.

Being new in the camp I knew the other inmates would be curious but after a week or so I realized that their curiosity was actually being suspicious of who I was. Inmates want to know if you are a man of your word, someone they can trust and will you follow the prison motto of “see nothing and hear nothing”. Be cautious of the time spent in the company of a correctional officer, innocent as it may be, there is still a group of inmates closely watching you.

So where does this suspicion come from? It comes from the ones who are doing something illegal in the camp and they are constantly looking over their shoulder for inmates that might expose them to the officers. The others are the one who have already been victims of conspiracy, someone who already had another person tell such as an informant or rat and was prosecuted for it. Once I understood where it was coming from it was easier to avoid being a suspect and becoming the latest topic of rumors and gossip.

Suspicion is so high in a prison camp that any misinterpreted information can be damaging to your character. So what do you do in a case like that? The answer is simple you confront the issue by talking with the inmate spreading the rumor and correct the facts by telling them the truth. Answer all their questions when they ask about your conduct because it’s your word of honor that inmates come to respect.

Even after you set yourself as a man of integrity and honor there are still some that will be suspicious but amongst the group of respected inmates your character is one of trust and those are the ones you want on your side, the side of truth.


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