Spectators in a Federal Prison Camp

By definition a spectator is a person or in this case an inmate who looks on or watches but I want to expand on that definition by telling you about three different spectators in a federal prison camp.

First is the sport’s spectator, this inmate enjoys watching a game on TV or in real life like the tournament games played by the inmates. Weather it’s a fun game of basketball, teams playing baseball or just the skilled game of dominos, this spectator just watches for the enjoyment. Like any spectators, he yells and roots for the team he wants to win and congratulates those who make good plays.

Second is the informant spectator, this inmate looks on and watches every activity inmates do in order to tell or rat on fellow inmates to better his gain. As you can probably conclude for yourself that this inmate is not very well liked and rightly so. What’s unique about this spectator is that he comes in two forms, either he is very good and conceals it well or extremely bad by the way he boasts about his gains. Now once this inmate or informant is found out, every inmate knows due to the great gossip network and they begin to watch and keep a close eye on this individual which in turn makes him ineffective.

Third is the wise spectator, this inmate observes everything that goes on around him. He is quick to listen and at times will walk away from things he does not want to hear. He also looks on but will turn away or close his eyes to the things he wants no involvement with. He studies the behaviors of inmates, correctional officers and camp administrators alike and makes a mental note for future reference to which is trustworthy and those he will stay far away from. He is usually the one who keeps to himself and stays busy with something. He is also the one who all the other inmates show respect to because of his wisdom of saying nothing about any inmates.


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