Self Surrender to a Federal Prison Camp, Part 3

While I was still getting acquainted with the other inmates around my area, I heard this loud shout, “count time”. What’s that I though, then I saw everyone moving and someone told me that I was to go stand in line by my bunk number. At 4 o’clock everyday all the inmates were counted. We stood by this three inch yellow line with the number of each persons bunk painted on the floor. Everyone was to be quiet as two officers would come along and count each inmate. One officer had a booklet with everyone’s picture. When the count was clear everyone raced out the door. I quickly realized that it was also dinner time after count.

After dinner I walked around the dormitory to see where everything was. There was a private shower area, private toilets and an open area with sinks. There was a laundry room with 4 washers, 4 dryers, and ice machine. The dormitory had three TV rooms, one exercise room, and a big TV in the main area by the various offices. Thank God it was air conditioned. Basically it was a large open building with bunk beds and lockers.

Outside was something I didn’t expect to see. There was a concrete walking tract, baseball field, basketball court, handball courts, soccer field and a football field. That’s right and all the equipment to go along with it. Baseball and basketball were the most played.

I then wanted to see what was in the building adjacent to the dormitory. It was also part of the kitchen. These rooms were available to all the inmates for their use. There was an art room, a barber shop, a library, a law library, classrooms for GED plus other general teachings, and a chapel with plenty of religious and spiritual materials to watch and listen.

Basically the camp looked comfortable and a far cry from a cell with bars. I had a place to sleep, plenty to eat, place to exercise, a library to learn and a chapel to worship. God was there for me because He quickly showed me that this was no longer a federal prison camp but a bible camp to study His living word. Praise God!


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