Rules and Regulations in the Federal Prison Camp

Every federal prison camp in the nation follows a written set of guidelines from the Bureau of prison (BOP). These general rules and regulations are written in detail and are posted in each prison camp library for every inmate to see.

The material is organized with code numbers, titles, sections and sub-section. It takes a while to get familiarized with the information but worth the time to look through. It will let you know about a lot of information that you may not be aware of so look through it and make notes.

Now for the rest of the story, these rules and regulations are accessible and for your information but they only serve as a foundational guide. The warden and camp administrator have the final word to override those instructions, add or subtract from them, and make decision on how they apply to each individual inmate. It’s sad but not every inmate is treated equal, discrimination comes in the form of type of crime and the inmate’s attitude toward camp officials.

In order to benefit from these guidelines handed down by the BOP is to follow what they tell you. It’s OK to ask questions about the subject you are addressing but only do it once to understand the administrations position on the subject and then follow what they say. Challenging a decision will only place you on an imaginary list of trouble makers and it will get you nowhere, stay on their good list. Yes, it does get frustrating at times but learn to live with it because the outcome is not worth it.

The best thing to do is just cooperate, do what they tell you to do with a good attitude, and trust in God to bring you into their favor.


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