Relaxation in the Federal Prison Camp

Do you ever wonder what inmates do to relax? Well there comes a time in the late afternoon of each day when inmates do relax. It usually takes place after the work details, 4 o’clock count time, dinner and when the sun is setting for the evening.

Some may consider it a boring time but most inmates do apply themselves to something, whether it’s a hobby or just a daily routine of watching TV. A majority of inmates would go outside to exercise and play casual sports while others take time with their hobbies of drawing and leather craft. The musician would play guitar and provide music for the others. Then the rest would just take time to write to loved ones and read the daily newspaper in the library. Inmates also relax and pass time by playing card games and dominos in the evening.

Week ends are the most relaxing or boring to some because of no work detail to occupy most of the day but it’s equally exciting for the inmates who receive visitors. Getting a visitor does relax an inmate and makes for a fulfilling day and brings great comfort for the week to come, very relaxing and stress free.


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