Relationships in a Federal Prison Camp

Serving time in a federal prison camp will become a test for any lasting relationship, it will either bring break-ups and divorce or it will build a stronger marriage and lasting friendships. It all comes down to one thing that makes the difference, a foundation of love before going in.

I have personally witness inmates in depression and fits of anger over the news of pending divorce, believe me it’s not a pretty site. On the other hand, I have also seen the love that bonded families closer with a new appreciation for what is truly important in their life.

Holding on to a lasting relationship while in prison requires a lot of work and effort. It’s about maintaining a line of communication through writing letters, making phone calls and visitation. Without these simple activities most relationships will not last.

Relationships are extremely important to every inmate. An inmate may not show his need for someone to love and care about them because of his pride but I have heard a majority of inmates always talking about their wife, girlfriend, parent, child and other family members, believe me they want a relationship and needs it.

Relationships is what gives an inmate hope, the strength to move forward and endure the next day till finally he goes home to the reality of what he dreamed of. It’s that important!

Yes, there is a sad side. There is a minority of inmates who do not receive any correspondence from loved ones, the prison camp becomes there new home and they fear going home when the date arrives for them to leave.

The great news is that any relationship that survives the prison system will be better with a deeper appreciation of what commitment really means. My wife and I are living testimonies of how great and powerful God’s love truly is when love is the cornerstone of the relationship. Love endures!


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