Movie Night in the Federal Prison Camp

One of the highlights and special treat to all inmates in the federal prison camp is movie night. Every Friday night at 7:00 pm practically all the inmates are huddled around a TV to watch the latest movie just released on DVD.

It’s one of the quieter times in the camp and the rooms are filled with the smell of fresh popped popcorn and everyone has their favorite snack and drink just like the movie theater. With no commercials to interrupt it becomes one of the most peaceful times for everyone.

It’s amazing to hear all the commentaries after the movie. Just about everyone voices an opinion of some degree, good and bad revues but within an hour or so things get back to a normal routine.

The movie will also play a few times more during Saturday and Sunday at various times. On holidays when there is a three day weekend there is usually two movies played.

Like mail call, movie night is one of the expected treats that all inmates look forward to and the complaints are minimal except for the talking and comments during viewing time.


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