Inmates get a Registration Number in the Federal Prison Camp

Upon immediate self-surrender to a federal prison camp, the new inmate is given a registration number from the BOP (bureau of prisons). This registration number consist of 8 digits (xxxxx-xxx), the first 5 are the next set of numbers available but the last 3 are regional identification which indicate the city and state you are from.

This new number begins the administrative file, medical and dental records, and commissary funds account. It also becomes the inmate’s property ID number because the staff stamps it on your clothes and etched on personal items like padlocks and radios.

Inmates are responsible in remembering this number because during 4:00 pm count time they are asked to say their number while officers verify their picture in a log book with the ID number.

Each inmate is also given an identification card with their number and picture printed on it. It’s also the card they use to get commissary items. Basically it’s like a debit card. All inmates must carry this card while on a their work detail because correctional officers and other prison camp staff will ask for your ID when they choose to question you for any reason.

This number is also vital with the mail. All mailings going in and out of the prison camp must have the inmate’s registration number on it. Failing to write the number will deny letters coming in and they will also be rejected in mailing them out. A bit of advice, it’s best to print the inmate’s number on every page of your letters and inside every book cover to ensure proper delivery to your loved one.
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on 22 Oct at 2:01 pm1darryl otto

I know a prisoner whose last three registration numbers are 748,
xxxxx-748. I have not been able to find out what these three numbers
on 22 Oct at 9:38 pm2Rickey

Darryl, the last 3 digits are regional identification which indicate the city and state an inmate was prosecuted in and where they are from. For example, -075 is Nashville, TN.
on 23 Oct at 3:22 pm3darryl otto

Hi Rickey. That is also my impression but what would 748 signify.
It does not appear on judicial websites. The inmate I met with is
from Philadelphia. His last three digits should be 066.

Any thoughts?
on 23 Oct at 4:02 pm4Rickey

Darryl, you are right that it’s an unusual number. My thoughts are and I am speculating that it has to do with something specific. Maybe a certain crime to alert the guards, military, making him stand out in the BOP, a high profile case or it may just be a change in their policy. Funny, but with all the people in prison it may just be that they ran out of numbers. definately a little mystery.
on 03 Sep at 3:26 am5Jazmyne

does anyone know how to find the registration number for NJ federal prison camp?
on 16 Sep at 1:21 am6Rickey

Sorry, I am not aware or familiar with registration numbers for camps.
on 30 Nov at 4:00 am7BabieBlue

Jazmyne. You don’t get register numbers based on the camp or prison that you go to. When you are arrested or whatever the deal is with the situation and you are taken to facility you are given the register number which is just like a booking number for a county jail. They will give you the number then the last 3 numbers basically shows where the crime was commited. Each region/area or whatever you want to call it is assigned a specific number. For instance, I’m from the west coast but was caught up and did my time in TN. My register number ends with 074. My husband on the other hand was arrested and and handling things in CO where his number ends in 013. It helps the feds basically keep track of each persons area where they are from so to speak. My friend (ending in 013) was everywhere from CO, to CA, to PA and back. I hope this helps any confusion that you have. Also if you go to you can do a search for your friend and/or facility contact information. You have to have the exact name and spelling of your friend to be able to look him up. Good luck all.
on 15 Dec at 7:53 pm8Barbara

when an inmate regional identification # starts with a 0 it just simply means that they ran out of number count for that region and now will start a new inmate count with 0


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