Furlough in the Federal Prison Camp

Furloughs! Being able to leave the prison camp for a short period of time is a rare privilege. Although slowly fading away, this privilege to the inmate is still available but it depends on the warden overseeing the federal prison camp and the BOP camp administration.

Furloughs have to be requested by the inmate during their team meeting which occur about every 3 months or so, the BOP will not suggest it or plainly give it to you. Each inmate must apply for it with paperwork and the approval process begins.

Depending on the institutions policies, the camp administrator is the one who approves or disapproves the request based on the inmates conduct and convicted crime. For example, the camp in Pollock, each inmate had to wait a year before they could apply and then it was another 6 months before it was approved for the inmate to take their furlough.

The first furlough approved is for a period of 12 hours (one day). Basically the inmate has someone pick them after the BOP clears them to go and then must return 12 hours later. The second furlough is for 3 days which is closer to the inmate’s departure date.

During a furlough, certain information is needed like phone number and place you will be visiting or staying. Failure to return in the allotted time will result in the marshals looking for the inmate. Upon return to the prison camp each inmates is required to provide a urine sample before joining the rest of the prison camp population.

Another kind of furlough is a medical furlough. When an inmate requires medical attention they are brought to the hospital for treatment and sometimes are required to stay for a length of time. This type of furlough may hinder an actual furlough later because of institutional policies. Yes, it does seem unfair but then again it’s BOP policies. Go figure!

Furlough can be a hassle to apply for and may take some persistence to get but the rewards of spending time with your wife, playing with the kids or enjoying a great meal from mom’s table is truly worth it. Believe me when I say that those wonderful 12 hours remain a lasting memory for a very long time, possibly forever.


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