Fun in the Federal Prison Camp

You might be saying at this point. “Yea, right, fun in a prison camp, I don’t think so.” Well I am here to tell you that inmates are very resourceful and they do find ways and make time for fun.

A going away party is one of the most frequently celebrated events of fun. Each time an inmate is scheduled to leave the camp and go home his friends and buddies planned a party. This plan starts by everyone pitching in to buy certain items from the commissary such as drinks and chips. Now on some occasions where all the inmates are honoring an individual that everybody likes, the food service inmates would get involved and with the use of the kitchen cook chili and even fried chicken. While everybody was eating some inmates would take turns and share something about the inmate leaving. I’ll have to admit that I’ve heard some very heart warming stories.

Another fun time was sports tournaments. Very well organized by inmates and supported by the BOP recreational staff with equipment and awards. Baseball was the one everybody favored and got involved with either playing it or as a spectator. Volleyball and basketball games were also times when inmates enjoyed the fun of rooting for their favorite team and gave way to a lot of after game conversation.

The Super Bowl is another event that inmates have a lot of fun. Men will not be stopped from there favorite past time whether in prison or out. This is an event that is well planned and just about everyone gets involved. Commissary purchases are coordinated, food service workers are ready and even the correctional officers are flexible with excitement. With all the food, laughter and men yelling at the TV and you would think that it was Sunday in your own living room with friends and family back home.

One of the most unique events that I still remember clearly is the fun that occurred on Christmas Eve. Each inmate is handed a large bag of various eating treats by the BOP staff. The fun is watching every inmate run all around bartering and negotiating for selective goods they like most. It’s actually very hilarious and serious at the same time and goes on throughout the day and evening. Very entertaining!


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