Friends in a Federal prison camp

Finding a friend in the prison camp is no difference than any other place because the foundation is still built on the same principle, getting to know someone. Friendships are usually based on personality and common interest like family, profession and sports.

I have come to believe that a friendship made in a prison environment to be a strong one because of the tremendous faith and trust which takes place between two individuals. Friendship is highly valued among men and respected for the strength of his word, sealed by his honesty.

Yes, you do have to be cautious and observe for a while because some inmates just want something from you but they are quickly exposed as frauds because of their reputation among other inmates. Remember, this is a closed in society and everything is usually transparent and obviously seen for its’ true nature.

Friendships are important to any man or woman whether in prison or other places. People will still seek a friend who they can trust and talk with, God created us to fellowship with one another. So be open to everyone who extends their hand of friendship and let your wisdom of previous friendships guide you.


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