Family Man in the Federal Prison Camp

There is one inmate that stands out the most in the prison camp and that’s the family man. So what makes him stand out among the other inmates? To simply put it in one word, it’s his wisdom.

His wisdom shows by the calmness in the way he conducts himself. He accepts the responsibility of his actions and calmly moves on because he knows the consequences are temporary and brighter days are ahead. He humbles himself and shows great patients before others without complaining. If he chooses to complain it’s done in the proper order of BOP paperwork and diplomatic talks with the administration.

He follows the rules set before him and understands the value of them because he expects the same from his wife and children, therefore setting a good example when family visits him. He also recognizes the need for order and timely schedules to run an efficient household so he adapts quickly to the plan already set in motion.

The family man is also husbands who write plenty of letters to his wife and keeps a dialog current so as to stay intimate with her. As a father, he takes time to draw pictures and even decorates the mailing envelope with cartoon characters to show his love and that he is thinking about his child. He also makes a point of calling his wife and children every night to keep the flame of hope alive as he tells them good night and I love you.

When it comes down to trusting an inmate the one most honored and respected by all the inmates will be the family man. He is the one who keeps quiet, true to his word and willing to help a stranger in need, he is the Good Samaritan of the prison camp.


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