Disciplinary Actions in the Federal Prison Camp

So what happens when an inmate breaks one of the rules in the prison camp? There are a number of actions taken. They get a “shot”, put in “the hole” or in the case of serious violations an inmate looses his camp status and placed in a low or medium security prison.

The minor offense is a “shot”, it’s a term used in the prison system by the BOP personal and inmates. Basically it’s a written reprimand placed in the inmate’s file stating the rule that was broken and stays on the inmate’s file through out his time in prison. If too many shot’s are accumulated, the inmate looses his camp status. Disciplinary following the shot may be a loss in work detail, lower bunk privileges, visitation rights, commissary days and/or phone use. Example would be taking food from the kitchen or simply disobeying an order from the camp administrator or correctional officer.

The next course of action is inmates being placed in “the hole”. This is confinement in a cell for a period of time. Inmates who are put in the holding cell wait while an investigation is under way or just a cooling down time while the inmate reflects on the rule broken or his misconduct. Yes, a shot is placed in his file also. Example would be fighting or raising your voice and arguing with a camp official.

When a serious violation has taken place the inmate is put in the hole pending time of transfer to a low, medium or high security prison, as to which will be determined by the severity of the rule or regulation broken. Depending on the situation or possible crime committed may result in more prison time for the individual. Examples would be attacking an officer or inmate, stealing from BOP and/or escape attempt.

Discipline in a prison camp is easier to enforce and follow because of the privileges and certain rights inmates do receive. Another reason for its effectiveness is due to the fact that when one inmate breaks a rule, the whole camp is disciplined and punished for it. Funny but you would be amazed at how quickly discipline takes place when you take the TV away from the inmates for a week. The camp really shapes up.


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