Cell Mates in a Federal Prison Camp

Whatever federal prison camp you or a loved may enter in, one thing is certain, they will have a cell mate. A cell mate is someone who shares the same area or cell with you, like a room mate sharing the same apartment. The term “celly” is the nickname all inmates use to identify their cell mates.

The unique thing about becoming a cell mate I quickly noticed is the understanding that these are your adopted brothers, you watch out for each other. There is a respect and trust that is expected from your celly regarding your personal space and thing. It’s also looking out for the benefits and the interest of each other, like keeping the area clean, sharing items of need and watching their back of rumors or potential trouble.

Yes, there are times when a celly is not adhering to the expected rules. In this case the other cell mates tell him and if he does not correct the problem he becomes an outcast and the cell mates begin ignoring him hoping he will get the message that he is not wanted and move on to another cell group. These are rare cases but they do exist and eventually every body in the camp now knows of this individual and other inmates keep their distance. It’s all about respect of others.

Upon arriving in the prison camp, you really don’t have a choice of who your cell mates will be but it does not have to stay that way. Each inmate may request to move to another cell or living area as they become available if they choose to do so. There are a number of reasons inmates move, area to noisy, to much light, to much foot traffic, want to be with other inmates of like mind and interest or to get away from someone you don’t like.

The end goal is to be as comfortable as possible and finding the perfect cell mates is a step in the right direction. Once you find the inmates who respect you, honor their word, and share the same interest it becomes easier to endure the time because you now have a few friends who are like family and the place is peaceful and more secure in your mind.


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