Call Out Sheet in the Federal Prison Camp

What is a call out sheet? A call out sheet is simply a print out by the BOP to alert inmates where they need to be the next day. The call out sheet is posted by the correctional officer’s office or a local bulletin board for all inmates to see, usually in the late afternoon.

A typical example of a call out sheet would be for a medical appointment, visit with the case manager or counselor, change in a work detail, etc. Call outs can also be in response to a cop out that was submitted for an appointment.

It’s the inmate’s responsibility to check the call out sheets when they are posted. Any scheduled call outs missed by the inmate will be subjected to questioning and possible disciplinary action. If you fail to show up at the appointed time or designated area they will come looking for you.

Now there are times when you will be late, a good example of this is on a work detail that requires your time to complete a task. The officer in charge will call or radio in ahead and explain the situation for a valid excuse. Then it’s just a matter of rescheduling for the next call out.

Courtesy of some inmates will alert you of your name being on the call out. Be sure to verify the statement yourself by checking the call out because sometimes it may be somebody else name. The call out sheet will be very clear with your name, registration number, time and location of where you need to be. Also make a point of thanking the inmate who alerted you.


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