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Every attempt is made to keep these pages up to date but it is time consuming and we have limited resources. Please let us know if you have any information regarding any of the prisons or prisoners listed on this site.


Al-wathba prison in Abu Dhabi has 10 clandestine blocks where over 2,000 people from the Third World countries are detained.

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AFGHANISTAN Prisons in Afghanistan are currently undergoing reforms with the assistance of the US Government. Many prisons have been upgraded and prisoners are provided a stable diet, access to education, rehabilitation and medical attention. Prison Information


African prisoners continue to face serious abuses. Poor conditions and lack of funds have turned many African prisons into places of coruption, abuse, HIV, drugs & voilence.

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There are many Australian Prisons in various states in Australia. Australia also his home to several private run-at-a-profit prisons and new Supa-Max prisons for high risk offenders. You will be able to find information, and where available, photographs of Australian prisons all categorized by state and/or security divisions.

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There are 38 major prisons currently in Burma. Over 20 house political prisoners. At least 1500 Political Prisoners [that we know of] are currently incarcerated in Burmese Prisons. Many of these are women.

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Due to the increasing prison population conditions in Cambodian prisons have deteriorated. In one year alone, from 2000 to 2001, the prison population increased by 10%, that is 471 more inmates than the previous year. The majority of inmates are male, women and minors comprising a small percentage of the population (5.9% and 4.5% respectively).

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Drapchi Prison is the largest prisons in Tibet (Lhasa City) which holds prisoners sentenced through the judicial system that technically involves investigation, arrest, procuratorial investigation and court verdict. 

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The Guantanamo Bay detention camp is a detainment and interrogation facility of the United States located within Guantanamo Bay Naval Base.
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Over the years Hong Kong has developed an internationally acclaimed correctional system, which places increasing emphasis on correction and rehabilitation of offenders. The Correctional Services Department (CSD) runs a comprehensive range of rehabilitation programmes targeting different types of persons in custody such as young offenders, drug dependants, first-time offenders and recidivists.

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Prison conditions vary from state to state. The more prosperous states have better facilities and attempt rehabilitation programs; the poorer ones can afford only the most bare and primitive accommodations. Women prisoners are mostly incarcerated in segregated areas of men's prisons. Conditions for holding prisoners also vary according to classification.

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There are over 450 prisons in Indonesia at a district-level. The corrections system is designed to ensure prisoners are aware of their wrongdoing, improve themselves,

do not again commit crimes, are received back into their communities, take an active role in development and live freely as upstanding and responsible citizens

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All penal institutions in Japan are national facilities under the jurisdiction of the Correction Bureau of the Ministry of Justice.

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Kanater has both a male & a female prison, both of which are known for their poor conditions, torture and general human rights abuses.

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The facilities remaining from the Soviet period are badly overcrowded and understaffed. Government funding of prisons is less than half the amount required, and corruption and theft are common throughout the prison system. The total prison population in 1996 was 76,000, and about 1,300 died of tuberculosis in 1995. Health conditions are extremely poor.

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Amnesty International and other credible organisations have reported on the Lao prison system over the last decade. Many reports accuse the government in Laos of torturing prisoners and denying them medical care. Many call for prison reform. Prisoners are routinely denied basic human rights and some are subjected to torture. Others are prevented access to medical care. The Lao judicial system is arbitrary and holds suspects without proper court hearings. Anybody who is arrested in Laos, be that for an alleged criminal offense or for some kind of religious or political dissent, is at risk. The Lao authorities restrict access to the prisons, blocking independent assessments of the system.

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There are several prisons in Mauritius, and reports show that inmates endure very poor conditions in all of them.

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Overcrowding of prisons in Mexico is chronic. Mistreatment of prisoners, the lack of trained guards, and inadequate sanitary facilities compound the problem. The United States Department of State's country reports on human rights practices for 1992 and 1993 state that an entrenched system of corruption undermines prison authority and contributes to abuses. Authority frequently is exercised by prisoners, displacing prison officials. Violent confrontations, often linked to drug trafficking, are common between rival prison groups.

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Nigerian prisons have no toilet facilities, and cells lacked water. Medical facilities were severely limited, food was inadequate, Malnutrition and disease were rampant. Mistreatment of inmates was common, abuse frequent, and torture occasional.

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In the far north of North Korea, in remote locations not far from the borders with China and Russia, gulags not unlike the worst labor camps built by Mao and Stalin in the last century hold some 200,000 men, women and children accused of political crimes.

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Pakistan Prisons are known for their harsh conditions, poor food & hygene and ill treatment of prisoners

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Pankrac Prison located in Prague has been in violation of human rights for many years. Phisical & mental abuse is standard treatment and politcal prisoners from many countries are held there with no hope of release.

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One in every four adult men in Russia is a former prisoner. The prison population has reached the size of the Stalin's GULAG, more than one million people are held in prisons in inhumane conditions, suffering from hunger, disease, and unemployment

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SINGAPORE Prisons in Singapore are know for their poor conditions, lack of rehabilitation, and human rights abuses. Caning is still considered a fair punishment in Singapore and the use of other torture techniques have been reported as being in use.

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South America has some of the most notoriously bad prisons in the world! The prison riots, mostly over poor conditions have been frequent & brutal, as the graphic images of Carandru prison show.

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South Korea has had a long history of incarceration without sentencing, the incarceration of political prisoners without charges, very poor prison conditions and reported humans rights abuses.

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Thailand’s 145 prisons are facing a serious overcrowding crisis. There are now 200,000 inmates, 70% of whom are incarcerated on drugs offenses. The total population of Thailand’s prisoners is the 25th largest in world and the second largest in Southeast Asia. Only Singapore is currently keeping more prisoners in the surrounding area. Research conducted by the Thammasat University’s Research Centre on Criminology and Justice has claimed that the problem of overcrowding is the product of three factors – people having to be detained while awaiting trial, penalties for minor crimes being too severe and a lack of other forms of penalties. This may mean that the Thai justice system will have to re-consider its policies on less destructive crimes, using other forms of punishment such as fines, rehabilitation or public service instead of incarceration. All other options would require extra funding on behalf of the Thai Government.

With up to 90% of prisoners in Thai jails being workers and young people who are serving sentences for committing minor crimes, perhaps re-thinking criminal penalties would be the cheapest and easiest way around this rather daunting situation.

Prisons & Prisoners in Thailand Homepage - Click Here

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Bangkok Prison Hospital

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The link below has a listing of inmates serving time in US prisons who have requested contact with the public.

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There are many Foreigners and Political prisoners who are incarcerated in extremely poor conditions in Vietnam.

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Wandsworth Prison in the UK holds UK inmates as well as many foreign nationals. 

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The Maximum Security prison in Zambia is infamous for it's human rights violations. Because of the economy of the country the inmates live in a constant state of poverty with minimal food and little to no medical care.

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The men confined here are held in overcrowded cells, measuring 9m by 4m. Typically speaking there are 25 men per cell. Each day the men are confined to their squalid cells between the hours of 3:30pm and 7:00am.

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