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Clothing in a Federal Prison Camp

One of the things about clothing in a federal prison camp is that every inmate wore the same color of pants and shirt each and every day. Each camp or prison may vary in color of inmate uniforms but it was still polyester/cotton twill.

The unique thing about clothing was that the uniforms were made by the inmates, either at that location or another prison location. I’ll have to give the prison system an A plus on that one because as a business owner, I considered that very efficient and practical.

So what type of clothing does a first time inmate get issued? My answer is based on one federal prison camp but I assume that it’s the same with others. Inmates were issued 3 uniforms which consisted of pants and shirts, 4 to 5 cotton t-shirts, boxers and socks, 1 winter coat and a pair of work boot. I was glad to see that the uniforms we got were a dark teal or forest green color.

If you feel that you would like extra clothing like underwear. No problem, the commissary does carry an assortment of men’s underwear, shorts and a selection of sneakers you can buy. You can also get second hand clothes from other inmates who will be leaving the camp. Trust me clothing will not be a problem, there is plenty of it.

Another thing about the clothing is that each inmate is responsible for keeping his clothes clean. So if you don’t know how to wash clothes, make a point of asking someone before going in or as I did learn by watching another inmate. Remember to wash colored clothing in cold water and whites in hot water. Don’t mix colored clothes with the white unless you want a pastel colored t-shirt.

Time for washing clothes is important as well as keeping an eye on your clothes in the wash room. Be observant to when the washing machines are vacant and set a pattern of twice a week to wash clothes. I always found the best time to wash clothes was during movie times or early weekend mornings.

Also make a point of not waiting till the last minute to wash clothes because it may take a while. You will want to monitor the time it takes to wash clothes and transfer them to dryers yourself because even though some inmates will be courteous and do it for you, there are still a few who will shuffle your clothes like rags to make room for their own.

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on 03 Nov at 2:54 am1FBC


on 03 Nov at 3:42 am2Rickey

Yes, I agree it is a waste but it goes deeper, I saw it first hand.

on 10 Jul at 1:19 am3Becky

Do they supply all undergarments for women? I am rather particular about my bra’s and will I be able to keep mine or will I be required to wear the one they furnish?

on 10 Jul at 5:24 pm4Rickey


Being in a man’s facility I have no clue as to the undergarments they provide in a ladies facility. What I can tell you is that men were allowed to exchange and get new undergarments like boxers, t-shirts and soxes every three months. The commissary also carried a variety of undergarments which inmates could purchase and I am sure that the ladies facilties provide a small selection as well.

I would suggest that you call the institution and find out what you can bring regarding your particular need. I say that because I have seen inmates who self-surrender keeping their sneakers.

Thank you for that interesting question, I am sure there are other ladies asking the same question and curious as well, thanks.

on 15 Jul at 6:25 pm5Becky

Thank you so much for the information. It is hard to talk to friends and family even though they TRY and understand, its hard to really express how fearful and anxious the unknown makes you feel.

on 16 Jul at 12:50 am6Rickey

Very true and one the primary reason for this website is to provide support and someone who understands.

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